Manage the delivery of your goods to your customers.

An important part of store administration is managing the delivery of your goods to your customers. You configure all your shipping, including free delivery or customer pickup, from your Shipping page Shop Settings→ Shipping

Before you start to set up your shipping, give some thought to the different methods you might use, and the destinations you’ll deliver to. While you can configure a variety of delivery options for your store, you probably won't offer every option for every order.

To view the available shipping modules, click the Settings Cog (next to logged in username) and select Shipping

To activate a shipping module within your store, click Install - the module will then appear in your installed shipping modules section. Click on the module icon to edit specific details.

If your product requires shipping you'll need to ensure the Requires shipping setting is set to 'Yes'. Otherwise the product will not be considered when calculating shipping costs. This can be updated by clicking on the product you wish to edit via the store products view.

In order to use shipping module which calculate shipping based on the store location, it's important to ensure the store location zone's are setup correctly. To set this click on Store settings -> Localization. Selecting the Country will drive the available Region/State zones within the next list.