Partner Apps

Dremus works seamlessly with a range of great business software.

You can sync Dremus sales, customer and product information with services such as accounting, Point-of Sale or mailing list providers. There are new integrations being worked on all the time, and if you wish to develop an integration of your own our API is freely available.

Vend is Point-of-sale, inventory and customer management cloud software. It make running a store and managing staff easy. It is scaleable and easy-to-use with 8000+ customers in 100+ countries. Dremus has the most feature rich Vend integration - allowing for product sync, shared sales data and giving store owners the choice of which products are managed by which system. Learn more about how Dremus and Vend work together.


To make sure you're a valid Vend user and we hook up the correct account, we ask you to authenticate your Vend account.

  • Vend URL the full URL including HTTPS:// and
  • Vend username the name you login to Vend with
  • Vend password the password you login to Vend with

Once you've authenticated your account, its a good idea to compare the products you have in Vend and Dremus. This will be the basis in which products are either imported or exported from each platform. To do this simply click the Reconcile button - this may take a minute or two.

[image of Reconcile button]


Setup how you would like data to come across to Vend

  • Module status you can switch on/off the Dremus/Vend integration anytime you like
  • Vend register which register you'll use for your online store (the outlet will be driven by the register selection)
  • Vend tax code which tax code you will apply to Dremus sales
  • Vend payment type this is how Dremus sales will be recorded in Vend

Manage products

The ability to manage individual product sync rules is one of the most powerful features of the Dremus/Vend integration. There may be products in your retail point of sale which you do not want to sell online and vice versa.

There is quite a bit of functionality on this page, we'll explain each of the buttons:

  • Get will retrieve the individual product from Vend and import it into Dremus
  • Publish will export the individual product from Dremus into Vend
  • Get all from Vend will retrieve ALL products from Vend and import them into Dremus
  • Publish all to Vend will export the ALL products from Dremus into Vend

A note about variants When Dremus interacts with Vend either publishing or retrieving products, we preserve the variant structure. However you'll notice that we display these a little differently. For example a Black T-Shirt may appear in in Vend like "T-Shirt/Black", in Dremus this will appear like "T-Shirt [BLK]" where the value in brackets in the SKU or Model ID.


The Dremus/Vend integration allows you to set rules on how you would like data to be synchronized between the two platforms. You can enable or disable any rules you like whenever you need to - these will be effective immediately.

Vend webhooks

Enabling Webhooks in Vend will allow you to receive real-time product and inventory updates (from Vend) into your Dremus store. The setup is a 2-step process.

  • Via Dremus, enable the webhook you'd like to use and copy the corresponding URL
  • Via Vend add a new Webhook (e.g. Product or Inventory) and copy the Dremus URL into required field

Inventory sync

There may come a time where you need to make a bulk update to synchronize either platform based on the data in Dremus or Vend e.g. perhaps you've done stock-take in Vend and you'd like to update Dremus. You have the ability to choose which system will act as product master - this may take a minute or two depending on how much stock your syncing.

Xero is beautiful accounting software that puts the power of the cloud in your hands. Allowing you, your accountant and financial advisers to share access and collaborate on your accounts. You can sync all your sales from Dremus to Xero, cutting down on data entry and tracking, and leaving a data trail your accountant will love!


To begin using Xero with Dremus, you first need to let Xero know it's OK for Dremus to access its data. To do this you need to Connect with Xero. Clicking this button will take you to Xero which will ask you if it's OK for Dremus to connect. Once you agree you'll be directed back to Dremus.


Setup how you would like data to come across to Xero

  • Xero account code the Xero account where you would like your online sales to go
  • Use item codes in Xero will allow online products to be matched up with your Xero items
  • Invoice status the default invoice status for sales through your store
  • Test invoice you can test everything is working OK by sending a test invoice to Xero

Facebook is the world’s premier social network. With Dremus you can also turn it into the world’s biggest shopfront with the Dremus store app, free as part of your Dremus subscription, that allows you to sell to the best bit of a billion people.

Dremus setup

Select the products you would like to show on your Facebook page

What your customers see

Once your pages is setup and the Dremus Facebook app is installed, visitors will be able to browse your products through Facebook