Manage your customers checkout experience.

This section covers the methods to collect payments through your store, how to process orders, and configurations for order status and invoice line items.

Dremus payment gateways allow you to capture customer payments through a variety of methods via your storefront. To view the available payment gateway modules, click the Settings Cog (next to logged in username) and select Payments

To activate a payment gateway module within your store, click Install - the module will then appear in your installed shipping modules section. Click on the module icon to edit specific details.

When a customer purchase products from your store you will receive an email notification and the order will be listed within your store orders.

View order details

To view details of an order, click the customer name on your store orders list. You will be presented with details about this order such as: delivery address, payment method, and purchase items.

Add order status

You can add a new order status by clicking on Orders -> Order Status then click Add new. Enter a new name and click Save. The new status will be added to your store will be selectable where applicable.

Update an order

To update an order with a new status or message to the customer, with the order detail screen click on the (+) icon next to Order history then click + New update . A section will be presented which will you allow you to enter a message to apply to this order.

  • New status select a new status to apply to this order
  • Notify customer checking this will send an email update to customer

You may edit the content of automated customer emails which are sent for new & updated orders, and new customers signing up to your store. To view the messages being sent from your store, click the Settings Cog (next to logged in username) and select Customer emails

Dremus order line items allow to change the order in which line item totals are presented on the cart, checkout and customer invoices. These can be accessed under Orders -> Line items. To enable or disable a line item, click the (+) or (-) icon next to the applicable line item. You may then re-order these by clicking and dragging the item to the desired location.